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Discover the art of perfumery

We invite you to discover the art of perfumery, one of the most traditional and inspiring crafts.

Antonio Banderas fragrances have evolved throughout the years, based on his many facets, but have always shared one common thread: seduction.

Each scent entails an arduous process that starts with the initial selection of ingredients and raw materials and ends with the perfect combination of aromas - aromas that are the essence of the actor, of his experiences, memories, the different stages in his life, and, of course, artistic trends and current fashions.

Antonio has become the alpha and omega of all his fragrances, taking part in the creation process from beginning to end.

"I'm not a chemist. I don’t know how to make a perfume, but when I speak with Puig about my experiences, my adventures, my perspective on life... the perfumers use those emotions and feelings to give shape to a fragrance that reflects my personality. In short, a truly distinctive scent.

Antonio Banderas

Perfumery video by video

Why is perfumery an art?

Why is perfumery an art?

The magic of a perfume is in the details of the process.

How to perfume.

How to perfume.

Leave a mark with your perfume wherever you go.

How to choose the best fragrance for men

How to choose the best fragrance for men

Your fragrance is a part of you.

For her

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